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Best practice - Wikipedia.
Op de navolgende site voorbeelden van hoe de implementatie van Best Practices slecht kan uitpakken: Best practice can be wrong. Voor een verdere kritische beschouwing over Best Practices: Best practice. Een vergelijking tussen Popper's' wetenschapstheorie en managementliteratuur/best practice Popper en managementliteratuur.
PRACTICE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
practice of doing sth The company was fined over its continued practice of employing illegal immigrants. adopt/follow/introduce a practice More and more companies worldwide have begun to adopt the practice of preparing sustainability reports. accounting/business/management practices Shares in the company fell after it revealed that regulators were reviewing its accounting practices.
Best practice - Wikipedia.
In recent years, public agencies and non-governmental organizations have been exploring and adopting best practices when delivering health and human services. In these settings, the use of the terms promising" practices, best" practices, and evidence-based" practices" is common and often confusing as there is not a general consensus on what constitutes promising practices or best practices.
Practice Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
The team's' practices usually last two hours. She has made a practice of volunteering at a homeless shelter one weekend a month. The country's' poor sanitation practices have led to widespread disease. Burial practices vary around the world. It is common practice among my friends to not use capital letters in e-mail. Wörterbuch: practices: Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung.
practices of daily life. Alltagspraktiken pl practices of everyday life. Alltagspraktiken pl prohibition of discriminatory practices. Diskriminierungsverbot n law Unfair Commercial Practices Directive UCPD. Richtlinie f über unlautere Geschäftspraktiken EU guidelines on good agricultural and collection practices GACP for medicinal plants.

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